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Unmanaged vs Managed Dedicated Server: Which One Is Best?


When you rent out a dedicated server, will you manage it on your own or hire an experienced team for proper management?  

When it comes to dedicated servers there are two options available- unmanaged and managed. Both types of servers work the best for you but the only difference is the management of the server. So, here in this article, we will know about managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, and which one is the best for you. So, let’s get started.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated servers are single physical servers located in offsite data centers, totally dedicated to a single client. They provide the highest-performing features like processing power, storage, bandwidth, RAM, etc. Also, with the high-speed internet quality you acquire these types of servers. Generally, businesses that need a large amount of processing power and experience high traffic on their website, buy these types of services. 

Furthermore, dedicated servers come with two options one is unmanaged and another is managed hosting services. So, in the further section, you will know about both the types and which one is suitable for your business.

Types of Dedicated Web Servers

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Customers who are ready to manage the server on their own should buy unmanaged dedicated server hosting. In this type of hosting, you are responsible for taking care of the hardware, network connection, installing security updates, and other aspects of the server. Your host will only provide regular customer support, no other routine support. So, you can say you are on your own.

Managed Dedicated Server

For customers who do not have enough technical knowledge and own a large business then managed dedicated server is ideal for them. Your hosting provider will manage the setup, administration, hardware, security patches, etc. You’ll get full support from your host. So, if you own a large business and a team to handle the server management then Managed Dedicated Server Services are the best for your business.

Unmanaged vs Managed Dedicated Hosting- Which One is Right For You?

The difference between unmanaged and managed dedicated hosting is given by the entity that is managing the server. However, managed hosting is handled fully by the host, whereas unmanaged hosting is the company’s responsibility. 

Pros for Unmanaged Servers

  • Cheaper than managed servers 
  • It gives full control to the user
  • You can optimize it and it can also be customized by the user.

Cons for unmanaged servers

  • You need a significant amount of server-managing knowledge
  • Requires more time and effort to be sustained

Pros of Managed Servers

  • More accessible to anyone
  • It is available to anyone as the hosting company takes care of managing it
  • You can have more time to focus on their businesses
  • An excellent choice for people with no server managing knowledge

Cons for Managed Servers

  • Slightly Expensive cost-wise
  • It is necessary to discuss any changes with the managing entity

So, after reading all the information that is written above, you now know which service is the best for your business needs. Unmanaged and managed both types of dedicated servers work best for your website and increase its performance of it. The only difference is managing and maintaining the server resources. Therefore, if you don’t have much time the handle the server then fully Managed dedicated web hosting is the best.

Buy the Affordable Dedicated Server Services from Hostbillo

Buy the Affordable Dedicated Server Services from Hostbillo

If you are looking for affordable dedicated server services then approach Hostbillo. They provide managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting services all around the world. You’ll get full control of the server in your hands. Also, they have a highly-skilled technical team that will help you maintain the server and update the hardware resources whenever needed. And, with unmanaged dedicated server plans, you get full customer support from the experts. They provide 24*7 customer support and deliver 7 days credit back assurance too. Also, you get a 99.90% network uptime guarantee with all the dedicated server services, be they managed or unmanaged. 

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By now, you have understood the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated server services and know which is the best for your online businesses. The choice will depend on the business needs of the customer, as well as their in-house expertise. If there are gaps in technical knowledge, a business may prefer a managed option over an unmanaged dedicated server.

Whichever option a business chooses, it’s crucial to always check the range of services offered before committing, as managed and unmanaged dedicated servers each require very different skill sets, and every hosting provider is different.