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The Wave of Unprecedented Sabotage: Russia’s Threat to Global Security


Russia has used sabotage for a long time as a tool for foreign policy, going to Soviet times when sabotage was used against adversaries, and extending up to present day.ย Recent years have seen an upsurge of Russian attacks that threaten global security, and must be treated as a serious issue by all states.

Russia has a rich history of sabotage.

Sabotage has long been a central element of Russia’s foreign policy arsenal. During the Cold War, Soviet agents employed various forms of sabotage against Western targets, and continued using this tactic even postwar. This included KGB operations, such as laying nuclear bombs inside US Embassy buildings in Moscow.ย Recently, Russia has been accused of launching cyber attacks and assassination attempts, among other forms of sabotage to Western the targets.ย 

Recent incidents that are the result of Russian sabotage:ย 

Over the last several months, Russia has been implicated in several notable sabotage acts.ย This includes the nerve agent attack of 2018 that occurred in Salisbury, UK, which affected the former Russian intelligence agent Sergei Skripal. And his daughter and his daughter; the 2020 SolarWinds cyberattack. That affected a variety of US companies and government agencies and is also an ongoing war in Ukraine. Which has been characterized by Russia be accused of providing military assistance to groups of separatists.ย 

Global security implications:

ย Russian sabotage poses serious risks to the security of the world that are not just threatening certain countries. But also weakening confidence between nations and creating unsafe precedents. Other countries might follow Russia’s example and employ sabotage as a tool for foreign policy, too.ย International responseย 

The world community has vigorously been in response to Russia’s recent acts of sabotage.ย 

In the aftermath of the Salisbury attack. A number of nations have were forced to expel Russian diplomats as well as imposed economic sanctions. More recently, the US as well as other countries have imposed further sanction. Against entities and individuals connected to Russian participation in SolarWinds’ cyberattack.


Russian sabotage poses an imminent threat to global security. And thus requires international cooperation to devise effective countermeasures against this menace. These could include diplomatic sanctions, economic pressure or enhanced sharing of intelligence and cooperation among nations. Together. We could be able to deter Russia and other nations from using sabotage as a tool to influence foreign policy.

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