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Sergey Brin Biography, Net Worth, Google, Age, Family & Facts

Sergey Brin Biography

 Name Sergey Brin
Born August 21, 1973
Nationality American
Education University of Maryland, College Park (BS)
Children Chloe, Benji
Wife Name Anne Wojcicki
Father Name Stanley Wojcicki
Mother Name Esther Wojcicki
Occupations computer scientist

Sergey Brin, born on August 21, 1973, is an American computer scientist known for his weighty commitments to the area of innovation. He sought after his schooling at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he procured a Four year certification in scientific studies certification. Brin is a prime supporter of Google, one of the world’s driving innovation organizations. Notwithstanding his outstanding professional accomplishments, Brin is a family man, being a dad to two kids, Chloe and Benji. He is hitched to Anne Wojcicki, and his parents in law incorporate Stanley and Esther Wojcicki. Brin’s great profession and imaginative work in computer science enduringly affect the advanced scene.

Sergey Brin Net Worth

The monetary direction of Sergey Brin, fellow benefactor of Google, throughout the long term, itemizing his total assets from 2014 to 2023. Born on August 21, 1973, Brin’s abundance has seen critical changes during this period. Beginning at $31.8 billion of every 2014, his total assets experienced varieties, arriving at its top at $107 billion in the two 2022 and 2023. The movement features the unique idea of Brin’s monetary portfolio, displaying a remarkable increment from 2018 onwards. This abundance gathering could be credited to the achievement and development of Google, the tech monster helped to establish by Brin, as well as his different endeavors and speculations. The gave information offers a preview into the monetary achievement. Development of one of the critical figures in the innovation business.

Net Worth History

Year Net Worth
2014 $31.8B
2015 $29.2B
2016 $34.4B
2017 $39.8B
2018 $47.5B
2019 $49.8B
2020 $49.1B
2021 $89B
2022 $107B
2023 $107B

Sergey Brin Google

Sergey Brin, born on August 21, 1973, is an unmistakable business person known for helping to establish Google, the world’s driving web search tool. Brin, alongside Larry Page, started the task as an exploration try at Stanford University. They imagined a web index that positioned results in view of page prevalence, accepting that the most famous outcomes would be the most important.

The web search tool was suitably named Google, got from the numerical term “googol,” representing the immensity of data they planned to arrange on the web. In the wake of getting $1 million in subsidizing from family, companions. Financial backers, Brin and Page officially sent off Google in 1998. The organization opened up to the world in August 2004, changing both Brin and Page into tycoons. With its central command in Silicon Valley, Google has developed into the most broadly utilized web crawler universally, taking care of north of a trillion pursuits day to day in 2016.

Sergey Brin Age

Sergey Brin, fellow benefactor of Google, including his birthdate on August 21, 1973. It proceeds to separate his age into different units, giving a captivating viewpoint on the progression of time. At 50 years, 602 months, 2620 weeks, 18,346 days. 440,418,240 hours, 26,418,240 minutes. 1,585,094,400 seconds old, this mathematical breakdown fills in as a convincing manner to conceptualize the degree of his reality. These figures not just feature the tremendous breadth of Brin’s life yet additionally highlight the accuracy with which we can evaluate the progression of time.

Year 50 Years
Month 602 Months
Week 2620 Weeks
Day 18,346 Days
Hour 440,418,240 hours
Minute 26,418,240 Minutes
Second 1,585,094,400 Seconds

Sergey Brin Family

Sergey Brin’s familial connections are framed, giving a brief look into his own life. Brin, prime supporter of Google, is recorded as the focal figure, with insights regarding his better half, Anne Wojcicki, and their little girls, Benji and Chloe. The notice of Anne Wojcicki’s folks, Stanley Wojcicki and Esther Wojcicki, adds profundity to the genealogy. While succinct, this scrap offers a depiction of the interconnected connections. Inside Sergey Brin’s family, revealing insight into the people who add to his own and familial personality.

Relation Name
Wife Name Anne Wojcicki
Father Name Stanley Wojcicki
Mother Name Esther Wojcicki
Daughter Benji
Daughter Chloe

Sergey Brin Facts

Co-Founder of Google:

Sergey Brin, born on August 21, 1973, is most popular as the fellow benefactor of Google. Close by Larry Page, Brin assumed a urgent part in the production of the world’s driving web search tool. The team began Google in 1998 while they were Ph.D. understudies at Stanford University.

Educational Background:

Brin has a great scholastic foundation. He holds a Four year certification in scientific studies certificate with distinction in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. He sought after his alumni learns at Stanford University. Where he met Larry Page and together they fostered the calculation that would turn into the reason for Google’s web crawler.

Development Past Inquiry:

While Google is prestigious for its web search tool, Brin has been engaged with different imaginative tasks past pursuit. He assumed a critical part in the improvement of items like Google Glass, an expanded reality headset. Google X, a subsidiary zeroed in on creating pivotal advances.

Alphabet Inc.:

In 2015, Google went through a significant rebuilding and turned into a subsidiary of Letter set Inc.. A combination drove by Brin and Larry Page. As a feature of this rebuilding, Brin turned into the Leader of Letter set. Letters in order supervises Google and different organizations under its umbrella, considering a more expanded way to deal with development.


Sergey Brin is effectively engaged with altruism. Through the Brin Wojcicki Establishment. Which he laid out with his then-spouse Anne Wojcicki (prime supporter of 23andMe), he has upheld different causes. Including instruction, neediness mitigation, and logical examination. The establishment has made critical commitments to associations pursuing positive social effect.

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