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Russian forces accused of using phosphorus bombs in Bakhmut, Ukraine

In the ongoing war that is raging between Ukraine and Russia there have been reports in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine that Russian troops have employed phosphorus bombs to attack Bakhmut, Ukraine. Bakhmut. The accusations come from Ukrainian authorities who have condemned the use of chemical weapons, and pleaded on the authorities to conduct an inquiry into this situation.

Utilization of explosives made with phosphorus is prohibited under international law because they could cause severe burns and damages to the property and the people who live there. In the past, the Ukrainian military has documented several cases of explosives made from phosphorus falling on areas inhabited by civilians in Bakhmut which caused extensive destruction to homes and other structures.

The Ukrainian government has appealed to all nations to take steps against Russian forces’ violence and help provide medical aid and support for victims affected by their use of phosphorus bombs.

Russia is against these allegations and insists that it is part a plan to denigrate military members.Β However, Ukrainian authorities have requested an independent inquiry to be conducted to find out the exact nature of the incident.

Conflict among Ukraine and Russia continues since 2014, when Russia took over Crimea and also provided assistance the rebels fighting to gain independence from the eastern region of Ukraine.Β Recently, the tensions intensified between the two sides, as both have engaged in gun battles with one at times and killed a number of people while the casualties pile up from both sides.

Use of chemical weapon should it be proven, will result in an escalation in the conflict as well as a violation the international laws. The international community is obligated to investigate these claims and hold the responsible parties of their conduct accountable.

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