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Jilo Virals: The New Trend Taking Over Social Media

Social media trends change quickly. From Facebook posts about an event or new trend that took over Twitter to memes that trended throughout social media platforms – new trends appear and fade quickly on the internet. The one of the newest trends that is taking over has been Jilo Virals.Β This new trend has been gaining huge popularity across various platforms, and many are already working on their own versions. This article will explore what Virals are, how they started, and why they are becoming so popular.

What are Jilo Virals?

Jilo Virals are short videos that involve the performer pretending to be a Jilo. Jilos are fictional characters that are based on the stereotypes of Indian uncles who love to dance, sing, and have a good time. These videos usually involve the performer dancing or lip-syncing to popular Indian songs while wearing clothes that are commonly worn by Jilos, such as a shirt and dhoti.

How did Jilo Virals start?

The Jilo Viral trend started in India and quickly spread to other parts of the world. The trend began when a group of Indian students created a short video of themselves performing as Jilos. The video quickly gained popularity, and soon people all over India were creating their versions of Jilo videos.

Why are Jilo Virals becoming so popular?

Jilo Virals are becoming popular because they are hilarious and relatable. Videos featuring Indian uncles demonstrate their carefree and fun-loving characteristics that many can identify with, making it easy for anyone to create and share the videos online, leading to increased viewership and virality of this trend. Thanks to social media, people are now sharing their Jilo with an international audience and spreading it virally around the globe.


In conclusion, Jilo Virals are a new trend taking over social media. Jilo Viral videos depict the playful, unassuming nature of Indian uncles and have quickly gained immense popularity online. Beginning as an Indian trend, it quickly spread throughout the globe. Thanks to their funny yet relatable content, Virals quickly become one of the top trends on social media.

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