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The Best Internet Marketing Training in Dubai With Professional

This program gives you the chance to develop platform-specific abilities that are highly sought by top companies while also developing a thorough understanding of the entire digital marketing ecosystem. After earning your degree, you’ll be qualified to work for a major company, a small business, or even go it alone as a freelance digital marketer. In Dubai, we offer the best Internet Marketing Training in Dubai.

Learning results

Assess the impact of digital technology on the practice of marketing once you enroll in our digital media marketing training and after completing this module.

Examine how various digital marketing strategies are used to build an online presence.

Create a strategy for online products or business promotion.

Utilize social media technologies as part of your marketing communications plan.

Create a web presence using a publishing platform that includes integrated data collection and social media connectivity.

Lectures and online learning are both used as training methods.

Practical exercises; lectures; and electronic presentations

24 credit hours

Key Advantages

Your marketing career will go faster.

Study digital marketing strategies for your company.

Experienced and Skilled Faculty

Get the London College credential.

Obtain the certificate from the Dubai Ministry (KHDA).


Overview of Digital Marketing

Creating a Strategy for the Online

Online User Conduct

Email advertising

Use of social media

Online Promotion and Advertising

Practical Digital Marketing Skills

Course Outline

Module 1- Introduction


Our tools

Key concepts of digital marketing

Traditional versus digital marketing

The opportunity of digital marketing

Characteristics of digital marketing

Implications of digital marketing

Market research versus market reality

Module -2 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Key SEO concepts

Search results and positioning

Benefits of search position

Stakeholders in search

Mechanics of search

On page optimization

The SEO processes

Customer insights

Analysis and review

Keyword research and selection

Content updates and layout

Meta tags

SEO site map

SEO webmaster tools

Off-page optimization

Inbound links and link building


Rules and regulations

Module -3 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Key PPC concepts

Strengths of pay per click

Keyword research and selection

Google PPC

Research tools

Search campaign process

Ad copy

Landing pages




Display networks

Ad center

Campaign management

Conversion tracking

Conversion metrics: CPA, CTR



Rules and regulations

Module – 4 – Email Marketing

Key email marketing concepts

Campaign process

Online data capture

Offline data capture


Email design

User behavior

User characteristics

Email copy

Email structure

Email delivery

Email systems




Key terms and metrics

Split testing

Rules and regulations

Module 5- Digital Display ads

Key digital display concepts

Benefits of digital display

Challenges of digital display

Business value

Running effective ads

Ad formats, features, and display frequency

Campaign planning

Campaign steps

Target audience

Campaign objectives

Campaign budget

Creative formats


Tracking your campaign

Optimizing the campaign

Rules and regulations

Module 6- social media Part 1

Key social media concepts

Social media goals

Setting goals and priorities

Facebook setup, privacy, and business page

Twitter setup, profile, and engagement

LinkedIn setup, profile, building connections, engagement, and company page

Google+ set up, engagement and brand page

YouTube search, set up, channels and engagement

Rules and regulations

Module 7- social media Part 2

Implementing social

New social challenges

Listening first

The quality scale

Landing pages

Facebook promotions, offers, and events

Promote an event

Event follow up

Facebook places, advertising, and sponsored stories

Goals and targeting

Scheduling and delivery

Apps and plugins

Facebook groups and page insights

LinkedIn groups, job searches, and advertising

Promoted tweets

Promoted Twitter accounts

KPI measures


Third-party apps


Rules and regulation

Module 8- Analytics

Key analytics concepts

Goal set up

Account setup, code, and profiles

Goal configuration and funnels





Ad Words campaigns

Traffic sources

Scheduling and delivery

Bounce rate

Site speed

Site search





Real-time reporting

Intelligence reporting

Customized reporting

Rules and regulations

Module 9- Strategy and Planning

Key strategy and planning concepts

First steps


Situation analysis

Information gathering

Target audience

Setting objectives

Appropriate tools

Action plan

Setting the budget


Iteration and enhancement

Rules and regulations

Module 10- Blogging for Business

Why blogging is important for your business

Target markets for blogging

What to write: content strategies for blogging

How long should your blog post be

Tips to increase blog SEO

How to make killer headlines

Cross-promoting your blog with social media

ROIs to measure blog success

Rules and regulations


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