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How to Troubleshoot When Your PS4 Controller Not Connecting


PlayStation 4 (PS4) gaming consoleΒ PlayStation 4 (PS4)Β gaming console is a great option for gamers with a full-on gaming experience, however as with all electronic devices, it can have connectivity issues, particularly its controller.Β Not being able to link your console your console could be difficult to deal with in this article. We’ll examine the reasons for this and provide possible solutions for resolving the issue.

Possible Causes of PS4 Controller Not Connecting

  • Low battery level
  • Interference by other devices
  • Older controller firmware
  • Damaged or broken USB cable damaged or broken
  • Bluetooth connectivity problems

Solutions for PS4 Controller Not Connecting

  • The controller will be charged

In the event that your PS4 controller isn’t connecting the first thing you should examine is the battery. If it’s low, it may not have enough juice in the system to create an connection. Connect your controller via USB and let it charge for at minimum 30 minutes prior to trying to connect again.

  • Verify for any the presence of

The PS4 controller is connected to its console through Bluetooth technology. However, other Bluetooth-enabled devices that also utilize the frequency might hinder the connection. Place the console or controller from other devices, like laptops, smartphones or even speakers.

  • Update your controller firmware

If your controller’s firmware is out-of-date, it may not connect with PS4. To update it, connect it to your console using USB and then navigate into Settings > Devices Update Firmware. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the updating procedure.

  • Use a different USB cable

If your controller is malfunctioning or failing to connect with its console, its USB cable could be damaged and needs replacing with a different cable in order to connect to its console. Use an alternate connection method instead.

  • Reset your controller

If neither of the options are working, you might need for your controller to be reset. To do that, look for the small hole in front of the L2 on the back, and then insert the paperclip or other small object in it prior to pressing its button for a couple of seconds. it will reset and erase all previously set connection settings.


Finalization If you find that your PS4 controller isn’t communicating with your console, it may be a variety of reasons and solutions. Monitoring battery levels or reducing interference, changing firmware, or using various USB cables can assist in solving the problem fast and allow you to get back to gaming on PS4. With these options in place returning to playing on PS4 is likely to be a lot easier!

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