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How to Create an iCloud Email Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Apple users will likely have heard of iCloud, the cloud storage and synchronization solution which allows them to save photos, files, documents and emails across all of their Apple devices. Did you also know it offered email? Create an iCloud Email provides users access to an email address allowing exchange and sending of mail from devices like an iPhone, iPad Mac computer. In this post we’ll walk through how to set up their iCloud email account.

Step 1: Open the iCloud Website

To set up your iCloud accounts for email, first visit their website by typing their URL into your browser and once it loads click “Create Apple ID” or on its associated button.

Step 2: Enter Your Personal Information

To establish an iCloud mail account, users must first become registered users with Apple ID. If you already have one, this step may be skipped. Otherwise personal information like your name and birth date, as well as your password and email address have be filled in should this step not been completed.Β Make sure you choose a strong password that is comprised of lowercase letters, numbers and symbols since this will protect you from snooping eyes!

Step 3: Choose an iCloud Email Address

Once you’ve created an Apple ID, the next step will be choosing an email address for iCloud. This email is where all emails will come through – simply choose any name from this list as long as it is easy-to-remember and unique; or use an existing email account if that suits better!

Step 4: Verify Your Email Address

Once you have chosen an iCloud email address, it is necessary to confirm it before using it.Β Apple will email an authorization number to your email you created the Apple ID.Β Go to your email and then enter the verification code at the iCloud website.

Step 5: Set Up Your iCloud Account

Once your email is verified After verification, you’ll be required to sign up for an iCloud account and choose which services you’d like to use, which could include Calendar Contacts, Mail, Calendar and Notes.Β Furthermore you have the option of moving all of your iCloud data to other Apple devices.

Step 6: Access Your iCloud Email

Congratulations!Β You’ve successfully set up the iCloud email address.Β You are now able to connect to your iCloud account via your iPhone, iPad, Mac computer or laptop.Β To get access to email using Apple’s iCloud service on any of these devices, just launch the Mail application on each device and type in your iCloud email address as well as your password into it.


Setting up the iCloud account is fast and simple.Β Use these instructions to create an iCloud account. That allows you to send and receive email from any of your Apple devices. By connecting all of your data across devices using iCloud. Accessing documents or files becomes effortless no matter where they may reside.

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