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Bernard Arnault, Born into the world on March 5, 1949, in Roubaix, France, is an unmistakable French business person, financial backer, craftsmanship gatherer, and media owner. He is well known for his extraordinary business insight and noteworthy achievement. Arnault, frequently alluded to by his moniker, has made critical commitments to the business world, storing up a stunning total assets of $211 billion.

Brought up in a Christian family, Arnault is the child of Jean Leon Arnault and Marie-Josephe Savinel. He has one sister and is a pleased French public. Notwithstanding his pioneering interests, Arnault is prestigious for his energy for craftsmanship, clear in his job as a devoted workmanship gatherer. Furthermore, he is effectively associated with media adventures, showcasing his assorted advantages and ability.

Arnault’s achievements reach out past his expert undertakings; he is likewise a dedicated family man, being happily hitched. His tenacious drive, joined with his sharp negotiating prudence, has made him a main figure in the worldwide business scene.

Bernard Arnault Net Worth

Bernard Arnault, the noticeable French extravagance fashion investor, filled in as the main thrust behind the eminent MoΓ«t Hennessy Louis Vuitton combination. As of mid-September 2023, he bragged a significant total asset roughly $195.2 billion. Outstandingly, in April of that very year, Arnault’s wealth quickly took off, outperforming a great $240 billion and momentarily his situation as the world’s wealthiest person during that period. By and large, his total assets remained at a striking $211 billion, highlighting his getting through impact and flourishing in the worldwide business scene.

Wealth history

Year Wealth
2014 $33.5B
2015 $37.2B
2016 $34B
2017 $41.5B
2018 $72B
2019 $76B
2020 $76B
2021 $150B
2022 $158B
2023 $211B

Bernard Arnault Family Business

Bernard Arnault is the heir and steward of a privately-owned company domain well established in the realm of extravagance merchandise. His privately-owned company’s inclinations basically rotate around LVMH MoΓ«t Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, regularly known as LVMH, which is a worldwide combination having some expertise in extravagance brands. Established in 1987 through the consolidation of Louis Vuitton and MoΓ«t Hennessy, LVMH has since extended its portfolio to incorporate a variety of lofty fashion houses, wineries, beauty care products, and gems brands.

Under the direction of Bernard Arnault, LVMH has turned into a powerhouse in the extravagance business, flaunting prestigious fashion names like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi, and Givenchy. Moreover, the aggregate possesses regarded champagne and spirits brands such as MoΓ«t and Chandon, Dom PΓ©rignon, and Hennessy, further hardening its status in the realm of high-end refreshments. Arnault’s privately-run company additionally envelops high-quality aromas and beauty care products through brands like Sephora and Guerlain.

The Arnault family’s association in this extravagance business domain has shaped their monetary accomplishment as well as their impact in the worldwide fashion and way of life markets. Through essential acquisitions and ventures, they have kept on growing their reach, transforming the extravagance business around the world.

Bernard Arnault compaines

LVMH, under the leadership of Bernard Arnault, fundamentally expanded its extravagance portfolio. In 1994, the combination procured the lofty fragrance firm Guerlain, denoting the start of a progression of high-profile acquisitions. Two years later, in 1996, Arnault by and by bought out Loewe, a prestigious extravagance fashion brand, trailed by the acquisitions of Marc Jacobs and Sephora in 1997, further enhancing LVMH’s presence in the fashion and beauty care products areas. The development went on with the reconciliation of Thomas Pink in 1999, Emilio Pucci in 2000, and famous brands such as Fendi, DKNY, and La Samaritaine in 2001. These essential moves expanded LVMH’s brand contributions as well as cemented its situation as a worldwide forerunner in the extravagance business.

Date Company
In 1994 LVHM
1996 Loewe
1999 Thomas Pink
2000 Emilio Pucci, Fendi and DKNY
2001 La Samaritaine

Bernard Arnault Children

In 1973, Bernard Arnault wedded Anne Dewavrin, and they invited two children, Delphine and Antoine, into their loved ones. However, the couple isolated in 1990. In 1991, Arnault found love again with HΓ©lΓ¨ne Mercier, a Canadian professional piano player, and they got hitched. Together, they have three children named Alexandre, FrΓ©dΓ©ric, and Jean. The family lives in Paris, where Arnault and Mercier have constructed their home. Curiously, every one of the five of Arnault’s children β€” Delphine, Antoine, Alexandre, FrΓ©dΓ©ric, and Jean β€” hold official situations in different brands constrained by Arnault. Besides, Arnault’s niece, Stephanie Watine Arnault, likewise plays a huge job within the privately-run company’s endeavors. This affectionate family association highlights their aggregate inclusion and commitment to the brands under Arnault’s leadership.

First Wife Child (Anne Dewavrin)
Name Date Of Birth
Delphine born 4 April 1975
Antoine born 4 June 1977


Second Wife Child (Hélène Mercier)
Name Date of Birth
Alexandre Born May 5, 1992
FrΓ©dΓ©ric Born November 10, 1994
Jean Not available

Bernard Arnault Religion

Arnault’s strict foundation has turned into a subject of interest and speculation as of late. He hails from a Christian family and was raised as a Catholic. However, his contribution in Louis Vuitton’s raising money endeavors for the remaking of Notre Woman, a huge Catholic landmark, has prompted inquiries regarding his faith. Muddling matters further, Louis Vuitton’s Jewish associations have started reports connecting Arnault to the Jewish people group. At this point, there is no authoritative data about his ongoing strict association, and Arnault has chosen to keep his actual faith hidden, refraining from unveiling any declarations to the media.

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